The Juggle Is Real

Dear Client, Thanks But No Thanks


Have you ever said ‘Yes’ to working with a client and immediately had a sinking feeling in your stomach? 

When I first started in my business I was so focused on growing my business that I wasn’t in the habit of being thoughtful about who I worked with. I thought that I needed to say yes to every opportunity because saying no wasn’t going to grow my business. So regardless of that little niggling voice in the back of my head after my first chat with a prospective client,…

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The Curse Of Perfectionism


I’m a recovering perfectionist!

It’s something that I’ve struggled with all my life…well for as long as I can remember. I’ve covered this desire for perfection with a mask of excellence, ambition, hard work. In reality, I was sabotaging myself.

Why? Because perfectionism is an ideal…it’s not achievable.

I’m not alone in my perfectionist tendencies. So many entrepreneurs deal with it daily, often without even realising it.

If you mentally tick off any of the below, you might be strugg…

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How To Be More Productive By Doing Less

Productivity blog image

If you’ve ever looked back at your workday and thought to yourself, “I was so busy but I got nothing done”, then you’re not alone. Spending our day in a state of busyness, jumping back and forth between tasks doesn’t mean we are productive. Actually, the key to being more productive is doing less!

Get ready to kick your productivity up a notch.

So what does Productivity really mean?

The definition of Productivity is

A measure of the efficiency of a person…in converting inputs into useful o…

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