Thinking of Outsourcing to a VA? Read this first


I often get asked about how when is the right time to start outsourcing, and how to find the right VA for your business.

Unfortunately, all too often I also hear the horror stories people have had with a VA. This is a shame. It can put a bad taste in some entrepreneurs mouths when thinking about engaging another VA.

I want to share with you some of my tips on deciding when its the right time to outsource. Also to work out what you can outsource to a VA, and how to find the RIGHT VA for YOU!

Deciding when to outsource

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload or burnt out, consider outsourcing. If you are pushing your head against the ceiling of what is possible for you to do alone, then a VA can help.

Everyone has a cap. There only 168 hours in a week. You don’t need to (or should) do business alone.

You don’t have to be responsible for #allthethings in your business.

Bringing a VA on board to help you is a savvy business decision. And it’s one that will help you reach your goals, and scale your business.

Bringing a VA into your business is a big deal. It takes a new level of trust and openness to let someone else see what’s going on in there. To start to understand your business, your goals, your dreams and to get on board with you. So you need to be ready to take that step.

You shouldn’t start working with a VA because someone else says you should. If you’re feeling some blocks to working with a VA, it’s important you explore those first. I’ve seen first hand what happens when an entrepreneur engages a VA before they’re ready to work with them. They hold on to the work like it’s a lifeline, and the VA has no direction and no tasks to be able to provide support in.

For it to be a win-win for everyone, both parties need to be 100% on board and committed to working as a team! Having a VA working with you is bringing someone into the inner circle of your business. You are working in partnership with them.

What should you outsource?

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to outsource, that’s great! If you’re not 100% sure what you should start outsourcing here are some of my suggestions. I’ve stolen (borrowed) part of these suggestions from Chris Ducker. But it’s such gold that I have to share it.

He suggests that business owners create 3 Lists to Freedom. These lists will help you outsource more effectively and will boost your productivity.

Write down:

1) The things you hate doing

2) The things you can’t do yourself

3) The things you shouldn’t do yourself

Your answers will give you a great starting point for determining what to outsource. I’ve also got another resource for you. It’s my list of 105 tasks you can outsource to a VA. You can get it below.

Tips on finding the right VA for you

Decide what sort of VA you need before you go out to find them…are they a generalist VA or a specialist VA. You may need both.

Be explicit in your expectations and the tasks they will be doing to support you. Determine their experience in these areas and see how open they are to learning new skills.

I always suggest entering a trial period with a new VA. It gives both parties a chance to test out the waters. To make sure that the way things are progressing “works” – for everyone.

Be sure to consider whether the prospective VA aligns with your business goals. It’s so important they take an interest in understanding your business. If they don’t want to know your why for being in your business, don’t feel passionately about your services, or who you serve…they’re not the right VA for you! Hands down – no getting around that. If they’re not getting on board with you…don’t keep them alongside you.

Get verifiable references or testimonials about them. Ask to see examples of their work. This is important for VA’s who are supporting you with more visual tasks like landing pages, content design, web design.

Where to find a VA in Australia

I’m passionate about supporting Australian VA’s. That’s not to say there is anything at all wrong with offshore VA’s. But I love being able to support Australian women. So here are my top resources for finding a VA.

1) My business (of course 🙂 ) – I have a team of VA’s that work with me so if you’d like to chat, grab a time here

2) Virtually Yours – https://www.virtuallyyours.com.au/

3) VA Directory – https://www.vadirectory.net/

Some final things to remember when thinking about outsourcing to a VA.

You are not engaging an employee when you bring a VA on board. They are business owners, so they understand what it means to run a business. Look at them as someone to champion and support you to meet your business goals.

Cutting corners by outsourcing to someone with the lowest hourly rate isn’t business-savvy. It may cost less financially, but I can almost guarantee it will cost more in other ways.

If you want a highly skilled VA, who provides excellence in service and support to your business, you need to be prepared to pay for it.

Don’t forget that outsourcing is going to free up your time and support you to generate more income in your business…

It’s an investment into you and your business.


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