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Dropping an Automation Truth Bomb On You

Here is an automation myth I hear too often…

It takes too long to automate parts of my business.

Not true!!!

Actually it’s the opposite of true.

While there are some areas of automation that require a longer investment in time, you can get some super quick automation wins if you know where to focus your efforts and energy.

Today I’m sharing 3 of my favourite speedy automation wins with you.

  1. Add an auto response to your inbox - let people know that their email has been received and you’ll…

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Are you making this mistake with automation?

If you’ve been following me for more than 5 minutes, then you know I love automation. Actually, it’s more than just loving automation. I am passionate about it, it’s my zone of genius, and I get so much joy in sharing the power of automation with other coaches and consultants.

But there is a big mistake that I see people making when they automate parts of their business.

They jump straight into putting the process on autopilot without considering how effective the process is first. That’s not …

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Want automation success? Time to get smart with your automation goals

If you were to make contact with me about automating your business, one of the first questions I would ask you would be “What are your goals with automation?”

Some of the typical responses I hear are 

to save time, 

to stop being so manual, 

to not have to do the things that don’t light them up.

While these are certainly goals, they are so general that it’s going to be very difficult to determine if you have been successful in attaining them.

It may seem cliche to say that you need to be ‘…

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The Productive Solopreneur Series | Digital Minimalism

If you’re looking at ways to boost your productivity you’ve probably considered your physical environment. What is happening around you that either increases or decreases your level of productivity?

Perhaps you’ve even considered how your physical health and ability to focus on the task at hand impacts how productive you are each day.

But have you given much thought to the psychological factors that impact your daily output?

In my last blog post in this series, I looked at how to begin the pr…

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How to get client testimonials...automatically

Did you know that 85% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation from a friend? That 67% of purchasing decisions are influenced by the online reviews of that product or service?

That's HUGE!

If you're not asking for reviews and testimonials from your clients, then you are leaving money on the table. You could also be missing the opportunity to work with your ideal client!

This is a process that you need to have in your business.

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Zapier Makes Me Happier

2020 is the year of business automation!

Okay, not officially 😉

But for me, this year is all about helping you to get the best business growth, reach, profitability, time and balance through automating your business.

Now, if you’re ready to get on the automation train that’s awesome! And if you’ve got questions about exactly where to start, hopefully, this blog post will get you onboard.

Today, I’m s…

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My Christmas Automation Guide

This blog is a simple one.

I’m giving you some simple tips to get some quick automation wins over the Christmas Season. You'll be able to take a well-deserved break...worry-free.


We all need to take some time away from our business and enjoy the time with our family and friends. It's important to turn off from the day-to-day grind. To not worry about January launches and new offerings.

But wh…

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Stuck In Sales Funnel Hell? This Is For You

Sales funnels are a pretty hot topic lately in a lot of the business groups I hang out in and I love me a good funnel. But I know that not everybody is in the same boat as me.

If the thought of someone asking you about your sales funnel has you shaking in your boots… or if you don’t want to admit that you have no idea what a funnel even is, I’ve got you covered.

What the heck is a sales funnel anyway?

When you…

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