Dropping an Automation Truth Bomb On You


Here is an automation myth I hear too often…

It takes too long to automate parts of my business.

Not true!!!

Actually it’s the opposite of true.

While there are some areas of automation that require a longer investment in time, you can get some super quick automation wins if you know where to focus your efforts and energy.

Today I’m sharing 3 of my favourite speedy automation wins with you.

  1. Add an auto response to your inbox - let people know that their email has been received and you’ll be in contact with them soon. This is a great place to let people know what your working hours are - so if for example you only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, include that information in your autoresponse. Adding a further call to action on these automated emails (so things like downloading your freebie, joining your facebook group, or booking in for a free chat) is a great way to increase your engagement and conversion with prospective clients.
  2. Follow up late or defaulted payments -  Instead of manually chasing down failed payments, let your payment system do that heavy lifting for you. You can automate an email to go out as soon as the first payment fails, and after the future attempts; before you cut off access to their content.
  3. Appointment scheduling and reminders - This is a favourite of mine and one that is surprisingly under automated in many businesses. Using tools like acuity, calendly, schedule once you can simply give your leads, customers and clients a link to book in a time that is available in your calendar. No back and forth with emails finding the right times. If your appointments are held virtually via zoom (or the like) you can integrate it with the platform so it auto generates the video call link. It will also send out the reminder emails before the appointment to increase your attendance rate.

Automating a few simple tasks in your business can save you time and make sure the most important things get done. After all, it’s not just about doing more work faster; automation is also about freeing up your brain space so that you have room to think strategically, innovate new ideas, or focus on other aspects of running your business. 

If you want some help with automating any part of your business (or if this post has inspired you to take action) I am ready and waiting for a chat! 

Book in a time to chat here.

Which of these 3 quick wins would be best for your business?


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