My Christmas Automation Guide


This blog is a simple one.

I’m giving you some simple tips to get some quick automation wins over the Christmas Season. You'll be able to take a well-deserved break...worry-free.


We all need to take some time away from our business and enjoy the time with our family and friends. It's important to turn off from the day-to-day grind. To not worry about January launches and new offerings.

But while you're taking time off, your business doesn't have to. Ahhhh automation is such a wonderful thing.

So get ready to relax this Christmas, cocktail in hand, and know your business is still humming along.

Here are my top tips for putting your business on auto-pilot this Christmas.

Tip 1. Put an out of office autoresponder on your inbox.

When someone sends you an email they'll get an email straight back. Letting them know that you’re taking a well-deserved break and when to expect a response.

Tip 2. Write a Christmas Nurture Sequence 

If you have a launch coming up in January, taking a break over Christmas doesn’t mean that you will lose momentum.

Pre-write and pre-schedule a series of emails to your audience. Let them know all about your offer so they'll be jumping with anticipation for  January.

Or create a simple waitlist for people to register for your upcoming program.

When you come back to your biz after a break you’ll have a list of people ready to click ‘buy now’ when you open the doors in January.


Tip 3. Schedule your social media posts

You don’t need to show up every day on social media over Christmas. And no-one should expect you to. Keep your followers engaged while you take a break by scheduling out some posts in advance.

Tip 4. Set up a super simple funnel to capture some leads and a little passive income.

Before you look at the word funnel and wonder how I can pair that with simple...stay with me.

All you need is:

A freebie, an opt-in page for your freebie, a super simple sales page for a low point offering and a few emails.

When someone adds their details to the opt-in page for your freebie, they’ll get taken to your sales page.

If they buy it - awesome.

If not, all good.

Create an email sequence to follow-on that will encourage them to buy.

A freebie + a low priced offer is a great way to grow your audience...

And bring in some passive income while you sip Pina Coladas (or Eggnog).


Tip 5. Use your Appointment Scheduling Tool

If online calls are a big part of your business you can continue to get those calls booked in while you’re offline.

First things first though, make sure you update your calendar to show when you’re taking your break. Then add a link to your scheduler on your social media profiles and website. Another great place to add it is on your inbox autoresponder (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to my first tip ;) )

Tip 6. Write and schedule a couple of blog posts for while you’re offline.

And then schedule those blog posts to also go out to your list as a newsletter.

If you’re launching something in January, this is prime real estate to build anticipation for your launch too.

Don’t forget to adjust your blog settings so people can’t leave comments on your blogs while you’re offline.

Finally -

My biggest tip for the Christmas period is to ENJOY IT.

Take a break from your business and come back refreshed in 2020. 

That’s what I’ll be doing. 



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