4 Ways to Use Videos in your Online Course


It's no secret that video has become a powerful tool for marketing and education. With the advent of YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat Stories, TikTok, and other platforms where anyone can upload videos in seconds to share with the world, it is not surprising that video as an educational tool is gaining popularity.

If you're still on the fence about using video in your course or are not sure how to incorporate it into your strategy, this blog post will give you some great ideas about how to use video effectively!

There are many ways one might use video within their online courses:

  • delivering your course content;
  • creating tutorials or walkthroughs;
  • recording Q&A;
  • conducting interviews with industry experts.

In my experience, it's best to use video in a few ways rather than try to incorporate every possible option into your course.

I've found that new course creators are often nervous if they aren't able to create professional-looking videos right off the bat.

Don't worry!

Just focus on creating clear content with good audio/video quality that enhances learning for your students; they will appreciate that you tried something new and will likely forgive any technical issues as long as it is not too distracting.

Delivering course content

Video is a great way to deliver course content because it provides the learner with an in-depth, interactive experience that helps them understand what they are learning.

Videos allow for more complex information to be communicated than would have been possible without video technology (i.e. written content alone).

Essentially, video can serve as a supplement to written content in order to add more depth and context.

But what if there are elements of your course that do not require additional explanation?

In cases such as this, videos can be used by themselves with no text at all.

I deliver 95% of my course content via video using a combination of talking head videos, slide packs, and a hybrid of the two (either focusing on the slide pack with an inset of me or vice versa).

Creating tutorials or walkthroughs;

If your course has any type of practical component (think tech walkthroughs, exercise demonstrations, cooking or craft tutorials, massage techniques, physical skills, etc) video can be extremely helpful for students to learn how to complete a task.

I use screen recording software every day when I create tutorials for my courses because it allows me to show exactly what I am doing on the computer in real-time.

Screen recordings are also useful if you have an activity or resource that is only accessible online (i.e. live webinar) because you can record the experience and then repurpose it as a video tutorial for your course students to watch later if they missed the live event.

Recording Q&A's

Even though your course might be live, there will always be times when students have questions that you didn't anticipate.

I record all of my live courses and then review the recordings after class to find any questions I missed during the course.

I answer the questions, edit them down into short videos and upload them to the course portal (if you have a YouTube channel that is a huge amount of gold for you) so they can be accessed by everyone in the future.

Conducting interviews with experts

A great way to add a significant amount of extra value and information inside your course is by inviting guest experts to extend or enhance the information you are sharing inside your course.

Holding these interviews live where your students can watch online is ideal, but if you cannot do that, recording the interview or masterclass and delivering that to your students in their learning portal is another great option.

So, that's it lovely, my top 4 ways of using video in your online course.

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