Make it Easier Series - Lead Generation: Testing & Launching


We have reached the final steps of our automated lead generation funnel…

Testing and launching.

Unfortunately the test step is one that is overlooked too often, but it is a critical step in making sure your funnel works like a charm before you release it to the world.

Just a super quick note.
Although there are many different platforms that you might have created this lead generation funnel on the process for testing how it functions is pretty much the same.

Of course if you need to trouble shoot a step in your funnel the way to do that will depend on your platforms.

Step 1 - Test your squeeze page

Open the URL for the squeeze page in an incognito window. You want to make sure that you're going to see your page as your visitors will see it and using an incognito window we let you do that.
How does it look?

Step 2 - Test your squeeze page on a mobile device.

Open the URL for the squeeze page on your mobile device to make sure that the design of your page is responsive. All aspects of the page should be displaying in a stacked view from the desktop version

How does it look?

Step 3 - Enter your details as a test customer

Enter your test details in to the signup fields on your squeeze page to sign up as a test customer.

A tip is not to use the same email address that you have as the outgoing email address in your CRM. Use a different email address to make sure it gets through and isn't marked as spam.

Were you directed to the thank you page of your funnel?
Did you have to confirm your email address? If you did consider turning off the confirmation step so that new subscribers don't have to confirm their subscription.

Step 4 - How does your thank you page look?

Now that you've been directed to your thank you page, how does it display on your desktop?

Check how your thank you page displays on a mobile device to make sure it's responsive. You can check this by either opting in as a test user on your mobile or opening the URL for the test page on your mobile device.

Step 5 - Have you been added to the correct list?

Has the data of your test customer been added to the correct list in your CRM.
If your funnel automation is being triggered by a tag, has the tag been added to your test customer profile?

Step 6 - Did you receive the welcome email?

Did you receive the welcome email with the lead magnet linked?
Download the lead magnet to make sure that the link is active and working.
How does your lead magnet display?

Step 7 - Have you been added to the automation?

Is your test customer added to the automation to deliver the emails in your nurture sequence?

Now to launching…

Below you’ll find my favourite strategies for generating traffic into your funnel.

There are two types of traffic strategies that I want to introduce you to and these two types of traffic are the ways that we are going to get in front of the right leads.

Free traffic and Paid traffic

You can use these in tandem with each other.
But we don’t want to just start throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks. We want to be strategic with our choice of traffic.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of traffic

Free traffic is obviously free which is great if you don’t have a lot of funds to put towards marketing but it requires an investment of time because it is very manual.

Paid traffic on the other hand is the opposite.
The advantage is that it’s highly automated and very scalable. It’s essentially going to hum along in the background targeting your chosen audience and you won’t need to worry too much about it. You will need to do some initial tweaks to optimise it, but once you’re getting some good conversions you can let it do its thing.

The disadvantage is that it requires a financial investment. Now that doesn’t have to be a huge financial outlay but you will need to invest some funds at paid marketing.

For the Free Traffic Strategies I’m going to highlight 4 different methods:

Social media postings
Facebook groups
Facebook Lives
Stories on FB or Instagram

Social Media Posting
Social Media is a great way to build awareness of your offer and your business.
Don’t go crazy with promotions as that will get people offside. Share a range of valuable content types with your audience across social platforms, giving them value, information, authenticity and also asking for the sale.

Facebook Groups
Engage in other groups to build an audience to promote your offer to. Make sure you’re following the rules of the group and only posting offers on the days that it’s permitted. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of the groups I’m in and the days that different offers can be shared.

Facebook and Instagram Lives
Live streams are a great way to build an audience and set yourself up as an expert.
Its also a really good way to promote your freebie.
I recommend that if you do go live that you boost your live post to get greater reach and engagement. This is obviously moving into paid traffic which we will look at next.

Instagram and facebook stories are very popular and very engaging. They are a great way to build your social following, move people across to your list and share your products and services.

Paid Traffic Strategies
I have only used Facebook and Instagram ads so that’s all I’m going to speak to today even though there are other options out there.

Paid traffic is a great way to fill up your chosen funnel.

The purpose of an ad is to stop the scroll.
It’s not the focus to have our audience try and understand us, we want to show them how we understand them.

When you do start with paid advertising I would recommend starting with a daily budget of $5-20 a day.
Let your ad run for 72 hours without tweaking or changing it; if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, start to change each of the components of the ad, one by one.
The Ad text
The Image
The Headline
The Description
The Call To Action

You can also run a number of ad sets simultaneously, with different image, headlines, description and ad text and turn off the under performing ads, just keeping the ones that are performing the best switched on.

I want to put a caveat out there that I’m not an ads expert. While I have created some really profitable and highly converting ad campaigns for myself, it’s not a service I provide to clients.
If you want to learn more about creating facebook ads, I highly recommend this course:
Social Lab Marketing

This is an affiliate link by the way… but the product is sooo good and only $37.

And that’s it lovely…

5 steps to putting your lead generation on autopilot.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series. I enjoyed creating it for you.

If you have any questions around automating your lead generation, drop me a comment below, or send me an email or DM.


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