Are You Setting Your 2022 Goals?


The new year is upon us… nothing we can do about that now. We are in the thick of it right… 3 days in actually.

Does thinking about that give you all the feels? 


But are they good feels?

Maybe not!

In my experience there are a few different approaches to the new year…

Some launch themselves into the newness with relish and vigour; goals set, vision boards created, bullet journals for what’s to come.

There are others who step into the new year with a mix of trepidation and excitement. A clean slate, a fresh page, can be motivating AND scary!

And there are others who stand on the threshold of the new year, clinging to the door frame, doing everything possible to not have to move into the unknown; even if what is behind them is just as unappealing. 

I guess I’m a bit of 1 and 2…

I love the new year; I love to set goals and I’m excited about the newness that is ahead of me. I don’t create vision boards though (I’ve always considered it, but I’m not that crafty to be honest) and while I don’t have a bullet journal, I have the first 90 days of the year planned out.

When I set goals for the year I like to really push myself out of my comfort zone and aim big… 

I thought I’d share a couple of the goals I’ve set for the year ahead with you…

  • I’m launching a 6 month mastermind
  • My family and I will finally be selling up and moving to the coast
  • I am competing in my first bodybuilding competition later this year

Seeing these on the screen as I write this sends a jolt of excitement and fear through me. Some of these are BIIIIGGGGGG and are going to pull me out of my comfort zone with speed!

But that’s where growth comes from right… beyond the walls of our comfort zone, doing the things that we previously would have said ‘not a chance’ to.

What type of person are you? 

Are you launching into 2022 with excitement, vigour and anticipation? 

Or are you stepping in with some trepidation? Maybe you are grasping the closing door of 2021 with white knuckles and fighting what’s to come?

Let me know in the comments below!

I’d also love to know if you’ve set some hugely scary but exciting goals for the new year and what they are.

Really… share them with me in the comments! I genuinely want to know.

Let’s keep each other on track to smash these super exciting and scary goals this year!


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