3 Reasons To Love Unsubscribes


If you are fairly new to email marketing, or even if you’ve been at it for a bit but still have a relatively small list, you may feel a sense of dread when you log in to your CRM and see your list numbers have dropped because you’ve had some unsubscribes.

You might get a sinking feeling in your gut and start to wonder what you’ve done wrong, or if it’s even worth having a list of people if some are going to unsubscribe.

A lot of us have been there. Disappointed by the unsubscribes and scrambling to find a reason why they might have unsubscribed. And feeling more nervous the next time we check our list numbers.

Well, I want to share three good reasons to look forward to getting unsubscribes.

The first reason is that you are clearly using your list, and that is great.

The only way I’m aware of to not get unsubscribes is to never send an email, and never engage with your list.

But if you’re not going to use your list, why go to the time and effort of building it.

So if you see an unsubscribe, congratulate yourself on using your list as it’s intended. 

The second reason is that someone is opening your email. 

To unsubscribe they have to at least open the email and click the unsubscribe link. 

The good thing is that your headline worked and got them to open your email. Now if you are using dishonest headlines, (headlines like “You have won”, “your account status”, and other such headlines) then you really deserve the unsubscribes. Spammy, sleazy use of email marketing is one of my huge pet peeves, and being sneaky with clickbait headlines frustrates me to no end. 

But, if you are using a solid headline that matches your email and it gets opened, then this is great. It’s what we want and it means that your headline has done its job.

The third reason to be happy about those unsubscribes has to do with personality. 

Now here is a shocker (said with sarcasm dripping from the keyboard)...not everyone is going to like you or what you offer.

Those that don't will unsubscribe. 

This is what we want because if they don’t like you or what you’re offering, it’s going to be hard to build a relationship with them. 

If you can't build a relationship with them they will most likely never buy from you. 

So each unsubscribe will make your list more targeted to people who actually like you and what you do and are more likely to respond favorably to your offers.

So next time you log in to your CRM and see an unsubscribe, do a little happy dance and rejoice in the fact that you are actually making your list stronger and more profitable for you in the long run.



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