Make it Easier Series - Lead Generation: Lead Nurture Sequence


In this make it easier series we are going to be looking at crafting a lead generation funnel with ease and simplicity.
Over these 5 weeks I’m going to share some simple tips and strategies to get your lead generation on autopilot.

Last week you crafted your fabulous lead magnet.

This week, for step 2 we are going to be looking at the email sequence that is firstly going to deliver that lead magnet to your new lead, but also the emails that will follow on from that first welcome email.

Let’s get started, and talk about what your email nurture sequence does.
The aim of these emails is to firstly deliver the promised lead magnet, but then nurture your new leads and potential customers in a particular direction and towards a particular goal you have. It could be to book a call with you, to purchase one of your products or services, to join a program and so on.

Another important role of your email nurture is to build a relationship with your leads and the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. This factor is so important to an ongoing relationship.
Before someone is willing to make a bigger commitment with you, like joining a program, they need to know who you are. Then they need to like who you are. And finally they need to trust you, trust that you can help them and trust that you are the person to make an investment with.

And lastly, we always want to focus on giving value first. We want to load up on the value before we consider asking them to invest with us. I personally use the 80/20 rule.
80% of the time my emails are all about giving value to my subscribers while only 20% of my emails are about sales.

Finding that balance has a lot to do with how you craft your email sequence and what types of emails you’re including in it.

A nurture sequence will typically include:
A welcome email
Educational emails
Emails that set you up as an expert
And emails that nurture them to your core offer

If you feel like nurturing your leads seems like the long road to the final destination of getting them to buy your offer, it is a road worth taking.
It is really important that you nurture them.

Here’s why:

Nurturing your leads is going to grow your audience. If you jump straight into selling, you may find you have a bigger unsubscribe rate. Your new leads will unlikely want to be ‘sold to’ straight away.

A great way to show your leads that you can help them is by actually helping them. Nurturing them by providing value and meeting their needs is key to a long lasting relationship.

It builds trust with them, if you want someone to buy from you, they need to trust that you’re the person to invest with. Whether that investment is money or time, they need to feel confident that you’re the right choice.

It places you in a position of authority and sets you as an expert. If you can show you know what you’re talking about, that you know what your audience is experiencing or feeling and have a way to transform that, you are placing yourself front of mind for your new leads.

It has the ability to significantly boost your potential profits. You’ve taken the time to build that relationship, that know like and trust factor. So when it comes time to ask for the sale, your audience is more likely to want to take that step towards you and make a financial investment.

Finally it’s going to create a base of loyal fans, who will rave about what you do, how you’ve helped them, and keep them coming back to you in the future...and bringing others with them.

Because I’m all about putting as much as possible on autopilot in my business we are going to be using automated emails.

An automated email is an email that has been carefully crafted to be sent to your subscribers at a particular time based on an action that they take.

So your welcome email is sent to them when they subscribe to your lead magnet.
And the nurture sequence emails are sent at particular times after that.

So why should you automate your emails rather than manually sending them?

An automated 1 to many (so you to hundred or thousands of people) approach is building relationships on autopilot. This doesn’t mean it isn’t personalised because you are going to be putting a lot of thought and consideration into the content of these emails, so they will be personalised and thoughtful.

It allows you to create the content once and use it over and over again. A well crafted nurture sequence can be used for different offers. You may need to tweak out the content a little bit, but the basis of what you’ve created can be used and reused time and time again.

It also enables you to send out specific content to your audience based on what they want and when they want it.

Automated = scalable and this is why I love it.

An automated email sequence can handle 10,000 leads in the same way it can handle 10. And that is so powerful. It will grow as your business grows and you can set it and forget it.

So we are going to build this sequence in two steps.

The welcome email - it’s going to welcome your new subscribers to your community and deliver the lead magnet to them

Then 2. The nurture sequence. This series of emails is all about building that relationship, the know like and trust factor, giving loads of value, positioning you as an expert and then finally drawing their attention to your offer.

Let’s look at the welcome email first.

This one is going to welcome them to your community.
You want to make a big deal about this and share how excited and happy you are that they’ve taken that step toward you and trusted that you can help them with something by asking for your freebie.

It should include the link for the freebie and be engaging and fun. We don’t want bland, boring emails; we want them to be engaged so they are more likely to come back and read your other emails when you send them.

And it lets them know what will happen next. It’s really important to set the expectations early on; when can they expect to hear from you again, what should they expect to receive next time they hear from you?

And now for the nurture sequence.

The aim of this sequence is to take the lead from their first contact with you, through to being ready to purchase your offer.

To do this we want to provide loads of value, some education, showing your leads you understand where they are and can help them, and finally introducing your core offer to them.

Time to get stuck into your sequence.

Be sure to come back next week and check out Step 3 of my Make It Easier Series.

If you have any questions you can put them in the comments below, or send me an email at rachelle@rachelledeem.com, or DM over on Facebook or Instagram.


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