Make it Easier Series - Lead Generation: Your Landing Pages


Our focus in this post is on creating a squeeze page and a thank you page for the lead magnet offer we created back in step 1 of our 5 step mini-series.

What is a squeeze page?

You’ve more than likely heard the term landing page, but you may not be familiar with squeeze page.
A squeeze page is a type of landing page.
And it is designed to capture an email address from a potential subscriber.
We want the squeeze page to make an impact, and we want it convert but we don’t want it to be spammy or sleazy at all.

Squeeze pages are one of the most powerful tools in building your email list and bringing in strong leads.

So what is the difference between a squeeze pages and a landing page.
Landing pages can have different goals.
They can be to provide more information to visitors or to educate them on something.
They can be sales pages where you’re asking the visitor to make a purchase with you
Or they can be a page designed to capture a visitors email address and name, like a squeeze page.

All squeeze pages are landing pages, but not all landing pages are squeeze pages.

So when the aim of our page is to convert leads, we are typically going to use a squeeze page but if our goal is education or sales conversion, a landing page would be used.

Now the key to a killer squeeze page is to not overwhelm the visitor.
We want to keep it simple, short and straight to the point.

So what we want to include is a small list of ingredients.
First up we want a highly engaging, relevant and powerful headline. The headline has to seize the moment and capture the visitors attention. It’s also great if it includes a clear benefit.

And make sure you keep it about them and their challenge.

Next we need convincing copy that clearly outlines the value proposition of the offer and the benefits of it to the reader. The aim is to convince them that they need what you’re offering and it is absolutely in their best interests to fill out the form to get it straight away.

We also need to include the signup form for them to enter their details in. There are two ways you can do this. One is to have the sign up form straight on the squeeze page, and the other is to have the Call to action button that opens a popup with the signup form.

And finally we need the Call /To Action button. There are a few key components of this button that is going to help increase the conversion rate of this page. Firstly we want to use personal copy on the button. Don’t use ‘subscribe now’. Instead use something like ‘Yes I want the free guide’ or “yes please send me the tips now”. And we also want the button to be in a colour that contrasts well with the design of your page.

Here some examples of squeeze pages:

Four Text Boxes

Marie Forleo’s B-School waitlist squeeze page. This page shows up when BSchool is either closed or sold out. Marie only opens B-School once per year for a limited number of people, but you can sign up for the waitlist during the year. It’s effective with a bold headline, clear copy on what to do, a signup form and a button that is highly contrasted to the rest of the page.

Four Text Boxes (2)

Next the Backlinko squeeze page.
This is another super simple squeeze page. The headline lets you know that you’re signing up for some exclusive SEO tips. There’s a simple sign up for with just the email address and a contrasting button.

Four Text Boxes (3)

Next is another of Marie Forleos pages.
She follows a great formula for her pages. Clear headline and short and to the point copy.
A simple signup for and clear call to action.
She also has a great disclaimer under the signup form that lets you know that you’re going to be receiving emails each Tuesday in addition to what you’re signing up for. It also lets you know that if you don’t want to receive them, you can unsubscribe easily. This is somethin I really like. It sets clear expectations and makes sure your subscribers know that they should expect to receive other emails from you in the future, but they can opt out if they want to.

Four Text Boxes (4)

Finally is a page by Marsala Body. It’s clear straight away that this offer is related to weight loss, just by the before and after images on the left. She aso has a clear value proposition, melt away 7 pounds using spices. And clearly lets you now that you are gong to be receiving 7 recipes that she used to achieve that result.
The sign up form is simple and the cta button is a contrasting colour to the rest of the page with personalised copy.

Now let’s take a look at the second page in our process. The thank you page.

The thank you page is going to display after someone submits the squeeze page.

It is a highly under-utilised page in the marketing world.
A lot of people don’t put in much effort with their thank you page short of confirming that someone has signed up for something.
But this is prime real estate to be really clear with our new subscribers on what we want them to do next.

So what are the key ingredients of a winning thank you page. There are 5.

Firstly we want to start with a message of gratitude. This person has taken the time to check out your offer and has then decided to opt in for it. We want to express that we are super grateful for them doing that. This confirms to them that the signup has gone through successfully but it also humanises and personalises the process.

Next if we are using our website to host the thank you page ,we want to include the sites normal navigation. We don’t want to do that on a landing page or a squeeze page because we just want our visitor to take a single action and not explore other areas of our site, but on the thank you page we want to keep them around and checking out more of what we’ve got to offer.

Next, we want to make sure they have clear instructions on how to access their offer. If you’re emailing the lead magnet to them let them know to go and check out their inbox in a few minutes to find their downloadable. If it’s a video, you can embed that on the thank you page or put in a link that takes them to the location of the video. Regardless of what it is, be clear on how they can access it.

We also want to have some clear call to actions on the page for steps we want them to take. It might be recommending some additional content or resources related to the offer they signed up for, it could be to join your facebook group, or follow you on social media, it could be to fill out a survey form to give some feedback on the experience.

Finally, it’s a good idea to add some social share buttons that will encourage them to spread the word about what they’ve signed up for.

Now what can you use to create your pages.

There are so many different options available to you for creating your pages and there is no way I can list them all here so I’m just going to highlight 3 different ways. Firstly you can use an all in one platform like Simplero (which is what I personally use and recommend), or Kartra, Kajabi or Groove Funnels. There are many more but these are some popular options.

You can use a landing page builder platform. These platforms are what I refer to as stand alone platforms, so their purpose is for landing pages. They don’t focus on other areas like all in one platforms do. Some popular options are Clickfunnels, Lead Pages and Instapages.

Finally you can use your website, regardless of what web builder you use, wordpress, sqaurespace, wix etc.

I also want to mention that some email marketing platforms, like mailchimp, also include landing pages in their features.

As you get ready to create your squeeze page I want you to keep something in mind. We want to keep a focus on describing the value and benefit of our offer to our audience. This is what is going to convert the visitor into the lead. If you can show that they really need what you’re offering, they are going to want to get their hands on it.

If you have any questions about creating your squeeze pages, drop them into the comments below, send me an email at rachelle@rachelledeem.com or DM me on Facebook or Instagram.


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