How You Can Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Email List


Most people check their email at least once per day (if you’re like me, more like 3 or 4 times a day), so it goes without saying that email marketing is an extremely viable and effective method of reaching your audience and promoting your goods and services.

But is it the only way to grow your email list? Can the power of email marketing be combined with other powerhouse marketing avenues to build a strong list of thriving potential customers?


In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can introduce Facebook advertising into your list building strategy and things to keep in mind as you do.

One of the things that stops some people from using Facebook Ads to grow their email list is the prospect of creating an ad. It can seem overly complicated, very niche and not for the faint of heart!
I remember when I started my university studies, as a first-year student all I heard about was how daunting the core unit of ‘Data Analysis’ was. It was one of those courses that had this rumour attached to it that 3 out of 4 people failed the first time around. That unless you were some sort of analysis whiz or statistician, you were doomed for failure the first time you enrolled in the course. Needless to say, I wasn’t chafing at the bit to add that course to my enrolment schedule for the first couple of semesters. But the time came that I had no option but to take this evil course because I couldn’t progress through my degree without it. So with huge amounts of trepidation and a preset ‘failure mentality,’ I started my studies in Statistics.
Now I’m not going to say that it wasn’t challenging. There was certainly a lot of content to absorb and concepts to get my head around, but it was absolutely achievable when you put in the effort. Facebook ads are the same.

I’m not a Facebook Ads genius, I don’t offer Facebook ads as part of my service delivery, but I do run ads for my own business and I can tell you that it’s not as scary as it can sometimes be made out to be. Facebook offers several resources to help you create your ad, and if you find you still need more there is of course YouTube!

Where you need to put the effort with the ad is the content of the ad.
This ad needs to stand out in the crowd for your target audience; it needs to appeal and resonate with prospective ideal clients.

Here are some steps to follow to use an ad to build your email list

Step 1 - Identify Your Target Audience

There is little point in creating a Facebook ad that is general and will generate random leads who aren’t your ideal customer. So to make sure that doesn’t happen we want to create the ad around a client avatar. Who are they? What do they do on Facebook? Who do they follow who is in a similar niche or market to you? What are they going to respond to?
The more you understand your audience, the easier it will be to create an ad that will stand out amongst the noise of ads, and that will resonate with them. An ad that they will respond to.
We want your people to see your ad and think “oh heck yes, I need that”.

Step 2 - Identify what you’re going to offer in exchange for their email address

We’re building a list right. And just like very few people will sign up to a newsletter list without any incentive, same goes for a Facebook Ad. You need to offer an item...a lead magnet... in exchange for that coveted email address.

If you don’t already have a lead magnet here are a few ideas you can try out:
A free eBook
A mini-course
A trial period to a subscription product
A coupon code for a discount on a product or service

Each of these options will appeal to different people for different reasons, so you need to work with the one that you think will resonate most with your audience. What do you think your customer needs to have or to know about? What will help solve a pain point in their life while helping them find out more about you? The end goal of any sort of marketing is that we build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor with potential customers. This is a key trio of qualities that are needed before someone is likely to open their wallet (or plug in their credit card details) and buy something from you. They need to know why you could be the person to help them; they need to ‘like’ you, like what you stand for, like the way you make them feel. And most importantly, they need trust you, to trust that you’re an expert in your area and that you can help them with this thing they’re struggling with.

Step 3 - Create a strong landing page.

You may have heard this referred to as a squeeze page, but essentially this is the page that people are going to be taken to when they click on the Call To Action of your Facebook Ad.
We are offering a free product to get them onto your list so we aren’t going for a long-form sales page at this point...we certainly don’t want to overwhelm them. But you do want to give them more information about your lead magnet and the opportunity for them to give you the gold you’re looking for...their email address :)

Here’s an example of one of my squeeze pages.

Step 4 - Set your budget

You don’t have to outlay big bucks on a Facebook ad to add some quality leads to your list. I recommend kicking things off with just $5-$10 per day.
Of course, the more you spend the more people will see your ad...but you dont have to break the bank to use ads effectively.

Step 5 - Graphics baby

Social media is a visual platform so it’s pretty important that your visuals are eye-catching, relevant and appealing. Be sure to include at least one (or several images in a carousel) into your ad that are going to attract the attention of your audience and relate to what you’re offering them.

Step 6 - Write your ad copy

An ad can’t run on an image alone...you need copy that is going to speak to your audience and let them know exactly why they need to click on that button and check out your landing page.
What are the benefits to them? What are you going to show them, help them solve, give them in exchange for that email address? How is being added to your email list and getting their hands on your freebie going to make their life easier?
Even if your squeeze page has all the information you need to explain this to your ideal audience, they’re not going to see it if your ad copy doesn’t resonate with them...so don’t skimp here.

Step 7 - Be clear on what you want them to do (your Call To Action)

You want them to take an action, so lay that out clearly for them.
Use specific Call-To-Actions like ‘Download Now’, ‘Sign Up Today’, ‘Learn More

Step 8 - Create the delivery campaign

It’s so important that you deliver your freebie to your subscribers when they sign up...don’t promise them something in exchange for an email and not come up with the goods. Soooo not good for business.
Create your delivery email and a nurture sequence that will go out to your new subscribers once they hit your list.

Step 9 - Keep an eye on your analytics

Facebook ads are one of those things that aren’t a set and forget at the beginning. You’ll want to keep an eye on how your ad is performing, what the conversion rate is. You may need to test some different copy, images or the call to action if you find it’s not performing and desired.
The more you use Facebook Ads, the more you’ll come to know your audience and what they respond to, what resonates with them.
You’ll grow your list with more speed and fill it with those people who are your most ideal client and are ready to keep taking those steps towards you.



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