How to build an email list of devoted people ready to buy


The value of an email list cannot be understated. You should view your list as one of your most valuable assets to your business because of the opportunities it opens to you…turning leads into clients and those clients into raving fans who will bring in more leads.

But the process of growing that list can be daunting and leave you feeling uncertain on which is the best approach to take to bring in those leads. You know that it requires new and exciting ways to get your prospective clients to cough up the coveted email address…but what are they?

Here are seven ways that you can kick your list building into high gear.

1. Free eBook Download

Offering a free eBook is a great way to encourage opt-ins. In fact, this is one of the most common tactics. It’s highly likely that you have opted into someone’s list to get yourself for a free eBook offer. If you are concerned about where the eBook will come from, consider editing your old blog posts into a slick PDF and voila!

2. Free Newsletter Offer

Another great way to grow your email list is to start a newsletter. This is another good excuse to repurpose your blog content. Getting users who enjoy your blog to sign up for your newsletter is a great way to recapture them a little later.

3. Add a Sign-up Button to Your Facebook Page

You are probably already building a following on social media platforms like Facebook. Adding a sign-up button to your Facebook page can help you continue the engagement off of social media, which is important. If social media platforms shut down tomorrow you would lose the connection with those followers, but if you’ve got them on your email list, you can keep engaging with them there.

4. Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to gather sign-ups. If you can think of a sufficiently creative event, you can draw in prospects who might be interested in attending. If you make your event open to the public, you can collect email addresses from attendees…and virtual events are huge right now, given the current restrictions.

5. Add a Sign-Up Button to Your Signature

Make use of that email signature line by adding an email signup link or button. If you’re anything like me you send so many emails each day, and this is great real estate to house another way to get people into your email marketing platform.

6. Ask Them to Share

Use your existing list to grow itself by asking your audience to invite their friends!

7. Content upgrades

Be sure to add relevant content upgrades to your blog posts. When people want more information on the topic of your blog post, they can get that via the content upgrade, but they need to opt-in to receive it. You’ll find an example of a content upgrade right here.
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Now it’s your turn.
Choose a few ways that you can grow your email list from the options above…here’s a hint, you can use all 7.
I’d love to know what you’ve got planned…let me know in the comments.


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