Don’t nail your niche when you’re creating your course, do this instead…

Nail the transformation

Nail your niche is no doubt something that you’ve been told, or read at some point in your online business journey. 

There is a lot of backing that the key to a successful online course AND online business is have a very specific niche and target audience. I know I’ve said it myself; that if you’re trying to be everything to everyone, you aren’t being anything to anyone. 

And while knowing your target audience really well is a crucial step for your course creation (and business), when it comes to selling an online course or a group coaching program, nailing your niche is not nearly as important as nailing your transformation. 

People buy results right! 

When someone engages with your program or service they are doing that because they are struggling with something that you offer a solution to. They want a result. They want to see a transformation and believe they can get it through your program.

The more clearly and simply your course communicates that solution, the easier it is for your audience to recognise the opportunity for transformation and get on board. 

Let me give you an example from my own experience. 

When I create any program or course in my business I always look at avatar exercises… I nail my niche. So the type of things I look at are who is my target audience, their demographics, their interests, where they hang out on social media, who they follow, what they read, what they listen to. And while this gives me a great deal of information to assist in my future marketing efforts, knowing that my target avatar is a Mum in her 30’s, in the early stages of her business, who lives in a metropolitan area, likes to keep active and spends a lot of time on Instagram doesn’t affect whether she’s likely to buy my course.

But if I explore the transformational journey she is looking for, thinking about how she is feeling without my program, versus how she would feel once she’d completed it, this is information that is really relevant, and will resonate with her. She wants more time in her day, and to stop trading time for money with 1:1 clients. She wants to find a way to stop hitting the revenue ceiling in her business, but she’s feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned with how to get it done. She’s frustrated with where she is right now and wants to get to a place where she’s in control of her business, and not the other way around. She wants to be able to pick how much she works, which clients she takes on and have the financial freedom and revenue to allow her to do that. She wants to feel empowered, confident and successful, be seen as an authority in her field and share her knowledge and skill with others. 

That’s super clear before and after right? And so much more powerful than a generic or superficial description of that woman. And when I call out my target avatar in my marketing by speaking to the transformational journey she can take with me, it will resonate with her.

So how do you get crystal clear on the transformation?

To start off, think about where your audience is at the time that they become aware of your course or program. How are they feeling? What are they struggling with? What are they thinking about? What do they believe about themselves or tell themselves? What do they have?

Then where will they be after going through your course or program? How are they feeling now? What do they tell themselves now that they’ve solved the struggle? What do they have now? What are they thinking? What is their internal dialogue now?

I encourage you to write it all down. Grab a piece of paper or google doc and draw up two columns, BEFORE and AFTER. Start brainstorming the before and after picture in your mind. Write it all done; all those words and descriptions are going to make a massive difference.

What you’ll do then is use what you’ve brainstormed in all of your marketing. It will help inform how you write your sales page, how you’ll call out to your avatar so they recognise you’re speaking to them. You’ll use it in your emails, in your social posts, in your videos. Anywhere you are communicating with your avatar, these words and this language will help them self-select into your program.  

I hope you can see from this blog how powerful nailing your transformation can be!


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