Creating Content For Your Membership Site


I love how a membership site can maintain an ongoing connection with your customers. One of my favourite things is the enormous amount of value you can provide them month after month, which helps keep people interested enough to stick around and continue engaging! Creating this valuable content takes time, but it has so many benefits. Building community for members and keeping their attention long term by consistently providing good information they may not find elsewhere.

Content is the backbone of your membership site. It’s what attracts and keeps members, which leads to profits for you! Before creating content to go into your member’s area, there are a couple of things you need to decide on first. How often should it be delivered? When do people want to see it? Should they have access all year long or just once in a while depending on when they join up? Chances are, before reading this article, you had already considered these questions. In this post I’m going over two basic delivery options; digital versus physical products.

The financial aspect of running a membership may concern some people, but it shouldn’t. That’s why digital products have proven to be so successful. You don’t need packaging, shipping and storage costs with these types of items. Your files will all live online!

Drip-feeding content means new information is released to your members gradually instead of one big release. This way, members won’t feel overwhelmed by too much material all at once. And it will also reduce the overwhelm in managing your membership.

With physical products, you’ll have a product you can market offline at conventions, in retail locations or on sites like Etsy and Amazon. 

Whichever type of product you decide to offer, you’ll still need to create some type of digital content for your members, so let’s focus on that for now. 

Creating content is a key aspect of any membership site. Whether you create the content yourself or hire someone to do it for you, there are many types of digital assets that you’ll need. Blog posts and social media updates with engaging copy linking to your sales page. Emails with compelling subject lines to increase open rates. No matter what type of product you decide upon offering - whether it’s downloadable PDFs or video training courses-you’ll still have various pieces that must go together, like building blocks!

It doesn’t need to feel like a challenge to decide on the format of your content. While there are lots of options to choose from, video, written, audio or a combination, you don’t have to have every type of content delivery inside your membership. 

Find the delivery method or methods that feel most comfortable for you and share your message with your members. 

Here are a few options to consider:

Creating ebooks, short reports and email courses.

If you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, then Video Content might be right for you too. 

If you don’t love being on camera but feel comfortable talking into a microphone, then a podcast might be right up your alley.

Is writing not really your thing? That’s okay because there are so many other ways to share useful information online as well. Things such as live training calls and webinars which allow people without an expensive production team at their disposal to create valuable content and engagement with their members.

There are a lot of different options to consider, so I recommend sitting down with a pen and paper to jot down some ideas for the content you’d like to provide your members. As you move further into the development of your site, you can create a publishing schedule that will help you stay organised and on track. 

In this post, we’ve discussed the different types of membership content and delivery methods that are available to you. I hope it has given you some ideas about what may work best in your situation. If you want to see how they all come together AND get your business (and membership site) on autopilot, then join me inside The Automation Success Lab! Every month I share new content covering one tried and tested business growth strategy with step-by-step action items - from selling your services on autopilot to automating email marketing campaigns. 

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