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The first 6 months of 2022 are behind us; can you believe it?

Now that we have reached the halfway mark it's a great opportunity to reset your motivation and focus by completing a mid-year review.

If you started the year by setting your annual goals, that's great and you'll use those goals in your review.

If you didn't make a plan at the beginning of the year, that's okay.

This is still a valuable process to help you take stock of where you are at the moment. And to set the scene for what the rest of the year could look like.

What's involved in a mid-year review?

The purpose of a mid-year review is to take the time to deep dive into and reflect on the last 6 months.

It's an important step in moving your business forward to do a post mortem of sorts on what has happened so far. Being clear on what is serving you versus what is not will help pave the way for a smoother journey forward.

If you did any goal planning in January grab that information and check in on your progress towards these goals.

Before we get into any part of the review, it's important that you set yourself up to get it done.

Switch off any distractions.

Set aside a few hours where you can focus on your mid-year review and not be pulled in other directions.

It's important that you prioritise this time for yourself and your business.

I have a worksheet that you can use (if you like) as you progress through your review and you can get it for FREE below..


Step 1 - Record Your Progress

Now it's time to go through each of the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

What was the metric of the goal you set?

What is your current progress toward that goal?

What is the gap to hitting that goal?

Take a look at some other key business metrics such as your email subscribers, social media audience and website analytics.

What has been the progress in each of these areas?

If you've chosen to use my worksheet you'll find a section to fill in your progress in these areas.

Step 2 - Reflect on the last 6 months

To reflect on the last 6 months it's important to be honest about what has worked and what hasn't gone to plan.

There is no point focusing only on the positives and disregarding the parts of your business that haven't turned out as expected.

These parts are the true gold when you're doing a review of your business goals.

Looking at why a goal hasn't panned out as hoped is the key to tweaking it for future success. You may even determine that removing it from your future plans is the best option.

As you reflect, think about how the wins and challenges over the past 6 months have made you feel.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you reflect

What worked well? What didn't go as planned?

What do you still need to do to tick it off?

What would have made it even better? What could have gone better?

If money was no object, what would you have done differently? Was there something that held you back from doing more?

Reset your motivation

If your motivation has been dropping, completing a mid-year review can help you reset.  Refreshing your focus for the last half of the year will set the scene in the best way.

To keep your motivation and focus up it's important to have goals that you feel passionate about. If your plans for the next 6 months are projects that feel lacklustre, you're not going to want to get them done.

So consider these 3 questions as you reset your motivation and focus:

  • What do I want to start doing over the next 6 months?
  • What do I want to stop doing for the next 6 months?
  • What do I want to do more of in the next 6 months?

Time for ACTION.

Once your mid-year review is complete it’s time for ACTION.

Completing your shouldn’t be another tick on your to-do list.

It should provide the drive to jump in, take action and reach those goals.

During your review you've identified the areas that need improvement, so now it’s time to execute!

Take a step forward, even if it's a small one.

This process is about progress; not perfection.

My free worksheet is going to help you complete this process with ease.

And it's a process that you can complete at any point during the year.

You don't have to wait until June/July to get it done.

If you're a fan of the 90 Day Year, as I am, then you can use this worksheet to complete quarterly reviews.

If you like to keep a close eye on goals progress, then monthly reviews might be more your style. This worksheet is useful for those too.

The important thing is that you do the review.

So if you haven't grabbed your copy of the worksheet, get it delivered straight to your inbox below.

Have fun with this process!

I love business reviews.

I always finish my review feeling incredibly motivated and focused.  Feeling ready to smash the goals I've set.

Once you've done your review, I'd love to hear about your big wins and progress toward your goals.

Email me at rachelle@rachelledeem.com. Or reach out to me on socials and share how you feel about your mid-year review. 


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