Winning Ways to Convert Free Subscribers into Raving Fans


With the current economic climate, you may be questioning how you can convert all of those subscribers on your list into paying customers...and raving fans. You may be finding that you don’t have a problem with people taking up the free version of your product, but they’re not converting to paid clients. This is delaying the growth of your business, and it can be pretty deflating right? 

So, it’s time to consider some strategies that can assist with converting those free subscribers into paying, repeat customers.

Below we look at some proven and innovative ways that can do just that.

Provide Regular Tricks and Tips

The average person can only hold so much information from your freebie information. Ensure that your subscribers know what they get with the ‘free’ version and periodically give them some tips and tricks that outline the features of your premium product and the benefits they stand to gain once they purchase.  

Use your email list to send out the tips, updating content on your site and sharing the content with the tips on social media.

Customise and Personalise Messages 

A lot of businesses don’t recognise the potential they have with the information they hold on their subscribers, information such as names, buying patterns, email addresses etc. Use the information you already have to customise and personalise the messages you send to your subscribers.

The results of a recent study show that customised and personalised email campaigns have twice as many responses compared to generic campaigns.

Allow the Subscribers to Chart the Way

This is one of the most innovative ways of converting free subscribers into paying customers. Persuade your subscribers to provide feedback on the free version and ways they can improve the final product. The subscribers can help you identify solutions to the problems they face.

Your subscribers will not need much motivation to buy the premium product when they have been part of the creation process. You will have a higher conversion rate by following this course of action for all your products.

Become Indispensable

When issuing a free version of your product ensure it provides a solution to a basic need in your subscriber’s life. Do not wait to show how indispensable your product is to your subscribers when you offer the premium version, but start right from the free version. Giving them valuable tips on how to navigate your product and proper customer support will make you indispensable and have your subscribers trusting you enough to invest in your premium product.

Once sales start increasing, you could consider removing the free version of that product altogether. Businesses that have used this tip have found that their paid subscriptions skyrocket after doing away with the free versions.

Be mindful though, that you can start implementing any of these tips, but without a high-quality service and thoughtful customer journey, the conversions are not going to come.

Quality and care will always trump price.



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