Adding Value To Your Membership Site


As August draws to a close, so does ‘Membership Month’. But we still need to go over a few things to prepare you to launch your membership site. So today we’re going to jump right in and talk about adding value to your membership site so that you can increase your profit margin.

In my last blog, I touched (very) briefly on hosting webinars as a form of content creation. I want to talk a little more about that in this blog because they can be a great way to add value for your members while reducing your content-creation workload.

A webinar is a live web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect you (the host) to your audience. As a host, you can show yourself speaking, share your computer screens for slideshows or demonstrations, and even invite guest speakers or add a co-host.

There are several software solutions that you can use to host a webinar, including Demio, WebinarJam and Zoom, all of which allow you to broadcast to your members. Most software options have interactive features so that you can openly chat with your attendees. This way they can chime in, ask questions and you can answer them. This is a great way to form a connection and create loyalty among members.

To use this as a content strategy, record your live sessions and add them to a section or archive inside your member’s area. Not only does this guarantee that people who miss the live session will still be able to watch, but it also means that over time you’ll build a library of content that will increase the value of your membership offering.


Creating a community is another great way to add value to your membership without having to create all the content yourself. People like to feel as if they are a part of something. Sometimes people will stay subscribed for months and even years just because they don’t want to leave the community.  

A great way to do that is with a forum area or Facebook group. If you’re using WordPress, adding a forum can be as simple as installing a plugin. Many membership platforms (like the ones I covered in this post) include forums as a standard feature.

Setting up a private Facebook group is a very popular trend right now, and it has a lot of benefits. It’s free to use, easy to set up, most people are familiar with the way it works and best of all, it makes communication a breeze. Within your group, you can post polls, ask questions, share information and with the live function, you can host live events and meetings for your members with real-time interaction. 

The only downside is that you don’t actually own the space, Facebook does, so be sure to keep excellent records and download your content regularly. This way, if there is an issue with your account, you won’t lose everything you’ve built. 

Exclusive perks

Offering exclusive perks and downloads for your members like video training, tutorials, software, resources or tools that they either wouldn’t be able to access somewhere else or would have to pay extra for is a great way to pump up the value of your membership. Sometimes you can offer them things they can’t access elsewhere which might make their experience with you all the better because it feels more personal than just going out on an online store looking through what other people are selling who don’t know them personally.

Including a list of resources in your sales copy is not only good for current members, but it can also help persuade new ones to join.

I hope you’ve found some new ideas for adding value to your members’ area. Remember that the higher quality of content and information, the more perceived value it has, which means a better profit margin!


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