Simple Sales Funnel


A step-by-step checklist to help you build your simple sales funnel


If you're ready to (or trying to) build your simple sales funnel but you are freaked out or totally overwhelmed by the tech this checklist is for you!

You will make your way from setting up your email marketing platform to capture those leads, right through to launching your complete funnel to your audience... 

Sales funnel = 1, Tech overwhelm = 0


Kaia, Money Coach


Your Email Marketring

Your email marketing platform plays a significant role in your sales funnel and is a step that you can't afford to get wrong.

Your Funnel Pages

Your sales page is the centrepiece of your sales funnel...the place where people will be shown your amazing offer. Your Thank You Page is also super important.

Your Order Form

As soon as someone is ready to purchase your offer, you want to grab them right then and there and not send them somewhere else to pay.

Testing Your Funnel

Before you launch your funnel to the world it's important to test every element of it to make sure that you understand the users experience and it is exactly as you intended.

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Hi, I'm Rachelle

And why am I the person to help you with your business automation?

Plain and simple, this is my zone of genius.

I'm a Tech Strategist and Automation Expert, and I help time-poor female coaches and consultants to scale their businesses and find the perfect work/life balance through smart, streamlined and automated business strategies. 

Automating your business sales through a sales funnel is not only super savvy, but also very necessary if you want to make money while you sleep. 

If you're ready to hear the ping of those sales notifications while you're doing other things, and wake to see that those sales have racked up over night, and automated simple sales funnel is just what you need :) 

So let's get to it!
  • Rachelle Deem

    “Rachelle is an Automation and Tech rockstar and was a total Godsend in my time of need. Her skills came highly recommended and I reached out to her when I discovered a major glitch in my funnel which had been built by another contractor (who had subsequently gone MIA). Rachelle immediately put her ninja skills to work and solved the problem in record time - saving me so much time, money, stress and overwhelm.”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Rachelle is incredible - working with her has completely up-levelled the way I do business! It’s the best investment I’ve made in the day to day workings of my online business to date.
    Work with Rachelle. She’s the breath of fresh air your business needs In order to grow. ”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Rachelle is AMAZING! She is so easy to work with. I told her what I was trying to do and she explained to me how it would work, what I was missing and then I paid her to do it all for me. I knew what was taking me days to figure out, she could do an hour. She was very honest with her skills, knowledge and expertise so I never questioned her follow through. It was a breath of fresh air to pay for someone to do something and have them do an exceptional job. Had I not hired her, I’d still be sitting on a unfinished funnel.
    Thank you!”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Rachelle has just assisted me build a funnel for a Group Coaching Program. The job evolved over the time we worked together and Rachelle was nothing but accommodating as I turned a simple funnel into an online quiz as well. What she delivered was stunning and I've had wonderful feedback from others on it too.
    I loved how Rachelle communicated with me and also guided me, as someone who is fairly new to building funnels for my business - I just felt I was in safe hands the whole way through. I'll absolutely be using Rachelle moving forward!”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “I highly recommend Rachelle. She is an incredible strategist and is all over #allthethings. She recently helped me with implementing a new CRM and made the transition seamless.”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Coming from a Business Management background myself, and being a WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE I knew that the person I was calling in had to be someone EXTRAORDINARY. And EXTRAORDINARY Rachelle is.”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Rachelle is amazing!! I used her to help with the tech parts of my business in the online space. She was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient... not to mention... effective! She guided me through the process step by step and expedited what would have taken me months to figure out.

    I found her by watching her give helpful advice online to others.... for which she was not being paid. I am beyond grateful that I found her, and definitely plan to use her again!!
    I cannot recommend her enough!”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “Being a mom and an entrepreneur with no clue or background in technical stuff, Rachelle has been a complete blessing! The Automation Success Lab has guided me so nicely, step by step, in a very easy way through a process that would have taken me ages to do on my own! She offers practical and to-the-point materials, suggestions, and techy guidance that are relevant and of extreme value to succeed in a business. I just love it!”

  • Rachelle Deem

    “The content and support inside The Automation Success Lab is phenomenal!
    In February, I created an entire library of onboarding emails for my new Membership Program launch and uploaded them to my platform with ease!
    I'm far from tech savvy, although Rachelle's clear step-by-step guides, templates, videos, LIVE sessions and support makes it super easy and do-able!
    No matter the platform - she's across it!
    I'm over the moon and looking forward to diving into March's kit with confidence knowing Rachelle will be there for me! 😁”

Get ready to build your simple sales funnel with simplicity, grace and zero tech overwhelm...