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A step-by-step checklist to help you build your simple sales funnel
If you're ready to (or trying to) build your simple sales funnel but you are freaked out or totally overwhelmed by the tech this checklist is for you! You will make your way from setting up your email marketing platform to capture those leads, right through to launching your complete funnel to your audience... 
Sales funnel = 1, Tech overwhelm = 0


I loved how Rachelle communicated with me and also guided me, as someone who is fairly new to building funnels for my business - I just felt I was in safe hands the whole way through.

Kaia Hunter
Founder, Kaia Hunter -Money Coach



Your email marketing platform plays a significant role in your sales funnel and is a step that you can't afford to get wrong.


Your sales page is the centrepiece of your sales funnel...the place where people will be shown your amazing offer. Your Thank You Page is also super important.


As soon as someone is ready to purchase your offer, you want to grab them right then and there and not send them somewhere else to pay.


Before you launch your funnel to the world it's important to test every element of it to make sure that you understand the users experience and it is exactly as you intended.


Hi, I’m Rachelle Deem – a Tech Strategist and Automation Coach, and I help time-poor female coaches and consultants to scale their businesses and find the perfect work/life balance through smart, streamlined and automated business strategies. 

Automating your business sales through a sales funnel is not only super savvy, but also very necessary if you want to make money while you sleep. 

If you're ready to hear the ping of those sales notifications while you're doing other things, and wake to see that those sales have racked up over night, and automated simple sales funnel is just what you need :) 

So let's get to it!

Rachelle x

Rachelle Deem

“Rachelle has just assisted me build a funnel for a Group Coaching Program. The job evolved over the time we worked together and Rachelle was nothing but accommodating as I turned a simple funnel into an online quiz as well. What she delivered was stunning and I've had wonderful feedback from others on it too.
I loved how Rachelle communicated with me and also guided me, as someone who is fairly new to building funnels for my business - I just felt I was in safe hands the whole way through.
I'll absolutely be using Rachelle moving forward!”

Rachelle Deem

“Rachelle is AMAZING! She is so easy to work with. I told her what I was trying to do and she explained to me how it would work, what I was missing and then I paid her to do it all for me. I knew what was taking me days to figure out, she could do an hour. She was very honest with her skills, knowledge and expertise so I never questioned her follow through.
It was a breath of fresh air to pay for someone to do something and have them do an exceptional job.
Had I not hired her, I’d still be sitting on a unfinished funnel.
Thank you!”

Rachelle Deem

“I used Rachelle's services for a very large e book creation as well as a sales funnel involving Click Funnels, Infusionsoft and Learndash and Stripe integrations. Although the project was drawn out due to web developers taking months to create my learning portal, Rachelle painstakingly ensured everything was working and functioning correctly. Her knowledge and attention to detail are impressive and there is probably no automation she would not tackle. She is an expert in Active Campaign also. If you want to engage an automation expert who can also create e book designs and lead magnets, then Rachelle is definitely the right person!”

Get ready to build your simple sales funnel with simplicity, grace and zero tech overwhelm...